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Predictability from design to delivery

Wide-gamut workflow


Vivid and intense colors using the printer’s full gamut


Now G7 System Certified Thanks to G7 Curve Connect.

Accuracy and repeatability are the key requirements of any quality-color print customer. Now you can achieve both — and save money — with a cost-effective and simple solution in the cloud: ORIS LYNX. ORIS LYNX is the new cloud-based color management tool for professional color printers. With just a few clicks of your mouse ORIS LYNX delivers color accurate results that stay that way throughout the pressrun, day after day. All you need is a web browser and a measurement device. No need to waste money on computer hardware, software or maintenance cost.

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What our Customer says?

“The ORIS technology has earned back the initial investment many times over, turning what used to be a tedious manual process into a smooth, automatic one.”

Craig Schriber Prepress Manager- Beachbody

“With 3D Packager, we’re looking at only 15-20 minutes of our time to create a viable proof. Compare that with up to two hours of time, plus materials, for each proof. Considering that we can have as many as 18 proofs per package, you can imagine how big a deal this is for us.”

Mike Millard Director of Prepress Operations- Ellis Group

“With ORIS, we dont have to guess any more, even with brand colors, we can achieve it, measure it, dial it in and pretty much forget about it. Some of our customers demand this level of measurable color; others just benefit from getting great color. Everybodys happy.”

Freddie Baird Chief Operations Officer- Quantum Digital

“What’s impressive about ORIS is the fact that every device is color managed via the Web,” Mendoza said. “A centralized solution gives me an accurate picture of the entire plant—how each device is performing, and alerting me to potential problems before they happen.”

George Mendoza Director of Premedia Services- Anderson/LA

“About 60% of our clients are within a 1-day ground delivery zone from one of our production facilities, and more than 90% are within a 2-day delivery zone. That means we can offer high quality and rapid response, at a competitive price. ORIS filled in the critical color piece, so we could do it all.”

Steve McDonell VP of Engineering & Sustainability- Standard Register

“There have been over three hundred ads run already and not one make-good needed due to color, quality or any other factor – ORIS Color Tuner // Web is worth it’s weight in gold.

Shawn Lowe Vice President of Production- DuJour

The initial experience with IC3D Suite exceeded expectations. “The decision [to implement] was fairly short since we were able to utilize the initial software during the trial period to confirm that it would meet our needs. IC3D complements our existing group of tools, and its compatibility with existing applications is a benefit.”

Brenda Abraham Creative Services Manager- Bemis Graphics

What our Customer says?