ORIS CxF Receives Printing Industries of America Technology Award for Innovation

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► State-of-the-art software embeds critical brand color information into PDF/X files for accuracy along the supply chain

InterTech15-250x300(August 4, 2015) – There’s no denying the persuasive power of color: Coca-Cola red, Tiffany & Co. blue, John Deere green. Showing a brand’s individuality isn’t just about ensuring consumers recognize you, it’s also about differentiating your brand from the competition’s.

Powerhouse brands have leveraged color to a point where it’s synonymous with their identities, but what happens in stores when packaging colors don’t line up with each other? Consumers may think a product is old or defective and the sale, along with trust is lost.

Now with ORIS CxF Toolbox and Designer, companies can ensure perfectly communicated colors every step of the way. Because brand color management is so critical, ORIS CxF stood out to the 2015 InterTech™ Technology Award judges from Printing Industries of America and is recognized for innovative excellence.

What is ORIS CxF?
ORIS CxF Toolbox and Designer allow seamless, worldwide, digital communication of all commercially significant aspects of color. Brand colors are extracted from ink data in a completely open and subscription free way to be used by pre-press and printer alike.

ORIS CxF Toolbox converts measured CGATS data from any instrument to CxF data. Any PDF/X file can be analyzed with CxF Toolbox to extract the CxF data for tone value increase aims, colorimetry, tolerances and more. PDF files can be updated, new CxF data embedded and output intent profiles defined. Ink formulation data can be stored and read to verify that the final printer uses the correct ink formulation ingredients and opacity. All to ensure your brand color is the same – from one press run to the next.

ORIS CxF Designer uses already created CxF files and imports them directly into the Adobe design software swatch library. Colormetric brand colors are used for file creation and then CxF Designer automatically exports the full CxF metadata to the PDF/X file. Designers no longer need to wait for the perfect color to be created. What they use on screen is now sent directly with the final PDF to the printer.

The Judges’ Perspective
“The judges were impressed with how ORIS CxF is built on an open standard, communicating color between all the stakeholders from inception through production,” said Dr. Mark Bohan, VP of Technology and Research for Printing Industries of America. They also noted that “this makes the color predictable and consistent, for both the brand owners and printers,” so there are no surprises or disappointments when it comes to precise brand colors on shelf.

See ORIS CxF Live at Graph Expo
“We are honored to receive the 2015 InterTech™ Technology Award for ORIS CxF,” commented VP of Sales & Marketing, Marcus Goerlitz. “This is the sixth InterTech™ award for CGS and our partners. We’re thrilled to have such a powerful development team and suite of solutions available to the industry.”

CGS Publishing Technologies International will demonstrate ORIS CxF as well as our other solutions at Graph Expo, (booth #645) in Chicago’s McCormick Center, September 13 – 16, 2015. To request an interview or product demonstration, contact Kate Barr at kate@cgsusa.com or (612) 870-0061.



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