Do-you-Aproove-1280APROOVE® is a web-based collaborative approval workflow that gives anyone involved in the creative process real-time interactive mark-up and communication across multiple sites – from initial concept to final production. APROOVE® is designed to integrate with any existing workflow and to handle a wide range of file formats, including separated plate files. Coupled with secured access and multi-level password protection, the decision-tree process of APROOVE®, including streamlined job submission, versioning control and custom-made e-mail notification, makes the management of complex creative projects simple and cost-effective – without click charges or limit to the number of users.

APROOVE® is based on two component parts: a central web server located wherever the customer desires and an agent running on the local production file server. Each agent supports an unlimited number of end users with no limit to the number of agents supporting the web server.

  • is IT friendly. Uses port 80 or https 443, and no client software is required.
  • has a very fast page display due to the unique image tiling.
  • has web server processing that can be split across multiple servers with no need for the client to buy expensive hardware.
  • allows unlimited users. No licensing fees or user limits.
  • uses the latest technology (Adobe Flex).
  • copies annotated text automatically for editing, thus reducing errors.
  • easily allows for easy integration and customization with third-party products (DAM, workflow, etc.) through Web Services.
  • eases workload for long documents with its Production Layout View.
  • has a very simple user interface and functional tool set to do all needed collaboration on any job.
  • has a Hybrid Proofing option.
  • has the ability to add link files in a Xinet WebNative system to open full client capability with no additional costs.
  • Streamlined job submission
  • Powerful decision-tree workflow
  • Real-time hi-res zoom and annotation
  • Flexible file formats: PDF, DCS, 1-bit Tiff, Tiff and Kodak VPS
  • versioning control and display
  • Unlimited users and administrators
  • Secured access across multiple locations
  • No click charges
  • Hotfolder job submission
  • Scalable from a single user to thousands
Download the brochure here.