150115_05_Fallstudien_Thomas-und-Kurzberg-GmbH_EN-300x182“Handling of the software and the Roland printer is easy and intuitive, this was a key point in our investment decision. Another advantage is the handling of customers’ spot and Pantone colors that are centrally kept in a color management library.”

Jochen Heibrock, Managing Director, Thomas & Kurzberg GmbH

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DuJour-300x171“There have been over three hundred ads run already and not one make-good needed due to color, quality or any other factor – ORIS Color Tuner // Web is worth it’s weight in gold.”

Shawn Lowe, Vice President of Production

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Beachbody-300x176“The ORIS technology has earned back the initial investment many times over, turning what used to be a tedious manual process into a smooth, automatic one.”

Craig Schriber, Prepress Manager, Beachbody

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Anderson-300x230“With 3D Packager, we’re looking at only 15-20 minutes of our time to create a viable proof. Compare that with up to two hours of time, plus materials, for each proof. Considering that we can have as many as 18 proofs per package, you can imagine how big a deal this is for us.”

Mike Millard, Director of Prepress Operations, Ellis Group

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Quantum-300x180“With ORIS, we dont have to guess any more, even with brand colors, we can achieve it, measure it, dial it in and pretty much forget about it. Some of our customers demand this level of measurable color; others just benefit from getting great color. Everybodys happy.”

Freddie Baird, Chief Operations Officer, Quantum Digital

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