METIS DRS DCS scanners are equipped with Metis’ exclusive Synchrolight technology; four powerful temperature controlled LED light banks which provide an unparalleled level of repeatable objective color consistency. Synchrolight makes possible the ability to perform a SuperScan: an exclusive image acquisition mode in which the scanner simultaneously captures multiple lighting configurations: left low, left high, right high, right low. From this SuperScan, an almost infinite number of precise multiple lighting angles and intensities are able to be recalled independently through Metis’ Light Inspector software. Light Inspector, available with each Metis DRS DCS scanner and as a standalone software, is equipped to produce an infinite combination of highlight and shadow variations captured by the SuperScan.

With Metis DCS Scanners, you have an unlimited number of photo studio sessions contained in one file (SuperScan) with a single tool (Light Inspector) to find the perfect shot with the added bonus of exporting precise textures and specular maps for any output: print, manufacturing, on-line, CGI/augmented reality applications and more.


  • EDS ALPHA | The EDS ALPHA is an innovative A3/A2 desktop planetary scanner and it’s the first product of the new EDS (Easy Digital Scanner) family. The EDS is a new line of professional scanners that have been created by Metis in order to overcome the usual limitations inherent in this category of products. In particular, to offer a superior image quality, ergonomics, ease of use and high productivity in a unique, integrated solution.
  • EDS GAMMA | An innovative A1/A0 desktop planetary scanner and is the newest member of the EDS family. The EDS GAMMA is characterized by a flexible and adaptable acquisition format and resolution. This system is perfect for books, small format artwork and objects requiring 3D simulation.
  • DRS 750 DCS | An extremely versatile and sophisticated scanner delivering very high image quality, automation and productivity. The DRS 750 DCS system is designed specifically for digital reproduction of fragile, “ancient” and valuable originals. It integrates a fully electronic book cradle that automatically adjusts to the original by recognizing the change in pressure and weight. Also, the lighting system is extremely flexible and adjusts to many different operational needs.
  • DRS 1300 DCS | Extremely versatile and sophisticated, this A0+ scanner delivers groundbreaking image quality unique to Metis. The DRS 1300 DCS system with integrated DC SynchroLight is designed to enable the capture of maps and drawings as well as atlases, books, scrolls and paintings to meet the precise and demanding needs of digitization and reproduction. This includes the most difficult original artwork and applications without a scanning and reproduction solution until now.
  • DRS 1600/2000 DCS | Possesses the same quality and technology as the DRS 1300 DCS but designed for the reproduction of originals up to 160x103cm (DRS 1600 DCS) and up to 200x121cm (DRS 2000 DCS).