ORIS Color Tuner // Web

Web-based Soft- and Hardcopy Proofing in one Package

THE WORLD´S FIRST PROOFING SYSTEM providing web-based soft- and hardcopy proofing in one package!


With ORIS Color Tuner // Web, CGS introduces a web-based version of its product line. ORIS Color Tuner // Web allows users to control and track print jobs from anywhere in the world via the Internet. The new user interface efficiently integrates the software features of ORIS Color Tuner, ORIS Soft Proof and ORIS Certified // Web (optional) into one product, making it easier to manage and monitor global remote proofing — increasingly important with the popularity of embedded measurement devices. Color Tuner // Web fully supports the new inline measurement devices of Canon and Epson. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows users to work quickly and efficiently within a closed-loop environment.

ORIS Flex Pack // Web is available as a custom-made cost-effective solution for the production of flexible package proofs and samples. Special printer drivers and software features for the LEC and VS series of Roland DG printers cover the specific requirements of packaging design and production, making ORIS Color Tuner // Web the perfect solution for producing color-accurate screen or halftone proofs.

The ORIS Solvent Media range of films, foils and paper is specially designed for the VS eco-solvent printers and enables a unique combination of white and metallic ink under- and over-printing for luxury goods.

ORIS Color Tuner // Web supports all common prepress file formats including PDF/X, composite or separated, PDF, PostScript, EPS, DCS, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF/IT-P1, 1-bit TIFF, Esko LEN, Scitex Handshake CT/LW, Scitex NLW and NCT.

Supported measuring instruments
• Current models from X-Rite (including former GretagMacbeth devices)
• Barbieri Spectro Swing
• Barbieri LFP SP3

CGS recommends the nanoporous range of ORIS PearlPROOF line of professional media.

CGS recommends the ORIS Professional Proofing Media, which utilizes a patented nonporous coating

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Case Studies

DuJour-300x171“There have been over three hundred ads run already and not one make-good needed due to color, quality or any other factor – ORIS Color Tuner // Web is worth it’s weight in gold.”

Shawn Lowe, Vice President of Production

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Beachbody-300x176“The ORIS technology has earned back the initial investment many times over, turning what used to be a tedious manual process into a smooth, automatic one.”

Craig Schriber, Prepress Manager, Beachbody

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