ORIS Evaluate

Simplified cross-fleet color quality monitoring and trending

ORIS Evaluate is seamlessly integrated into both ORIS Certified // Web and ORIS Lynx to provide a simplified process for full, cross-fleet color quality monitoring and trending.

The detailed color reports generated by ORIS Evaluate can be analyzed to detect specific press trends and device performance. This allows the user to detect quality variations over time, saving both time and money. Understanding the natural shifts a press undergoes allows users to better predict when calibration will be needed, to know when to profile or to identify when a printer may require maintenance. The Evaluate Report also contains further information on deviations for Paper White, Averages, Maximums on dH and dCh, Greys, and all L*a*b* information on both primaries and overprints. This gives users the ability to identify specific issues or reasons why an output device might have failed valida

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Case Studies

  • View company color information, such as L*a*b* values or variances in color, from anywhere with a web connection
  • Communicate achievable color expectations for printers through validation based on desired tolerances and specific targets
  • Know specific press limitations to objectively determine which presses have gamuts large enough and the capabilities to print a specific job
  • Trend to understand when specific presses typically need calibration to establish a standardized method of calibration
  • Readings from all local devices are automatically sent to the cloud
  • Receive email notifications to alert operators, management, or ownership of any warnings or failures on preset color conformance
  • Create customized pass/warning/fail validations based on personalized target readings, selected test charts, and specific press tolerances
  • Receive detailed reports outlining both job and press information in an efficient, easy-to-view layout
  • See full details on readings including the device used as well as measurement conditions for future repeatability
  • View pass or fail statuses based on tolerances set
  • Examine Spider chart for visualization of color in a standardized method based on idealliance
  • Validate consistency amongst devices and jobs day-to-day
  • Achieve quality control based on objective data, increasing efficiency and eliminating waste

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