Simply good.
That’s ORIS Lynx.

Accuracy and repeatability are the key requirements of any quality color print customer. Now you can achieve both – and save money – with a cost-effective and simple solution in the cloud – ORIS LYNX.

ORIS LYNX is the new cloud-based color management tool for professional color printers. With just a few clicks, ORIS LYNX delivers you color accurate results that stay that way throughout the press run, day after day.
All you need is a web browser and a measurement device. No need to waste money on computer hardware, software or maintenance costs.

Color management and stabilization for commercial printers, service bureaus and brand owners

Extremely easy to use.
No added costs for computer hardware, software or maintenance fees.

ORIS Evaluate is seamlessly integrated into both ORIS Certified // Web and ORIS Lynx to provide a simplified process for full, cross-fleet color quality monitoring and trending.

With a direct link from ORIS Lynx to ORIS Evaluate, L*a*b* data can be further inspected and an Evaluate Report is generated. The Evaluate Report also contains information on deviations for Paper White, Averages, Maximums on dH and dCh, Greys and all L*a*b* information on both primaries and overprints.

These detailed color reports generated by ORIS Evaluate can be analyzed to detect specific press trends and device performance. This allows the user to detect quality variations over time, saving both time and money. Understanding the natural shifts a press undergoes allows users to better predict when calibration will be needed, to know when to profile or to identify when a printer may require maintenance.


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