ORIS Professional Media


No inkjet proofing system is complete – nor can it provide contract-proof quality – without the right media. Based on detailed feedback from major publishers, printers and industry-standard organizations, CGS has created the ORIS Professional Media family of contract proofing media specially formulated for the stringent needs of digital proofing.

The ORIS Professional Media family is made to CGS specifications under the strictest manufacturing tolerances ensuring consistent batch-to-batch quality. With their exclusive ultra-fine-grain nanoporous coating, ORIS Professional Media provide twice the surface area of common microporous papers, thus allowing for higher ink densities, uniform ink absorption, better shadow detail, larger color gamut and faster drying. Most of the ORIS Professional Media are free of optical brighteners, reducing metamerism and improving long-term stability. ORIS PearlPROOF™ Glossy is the world’s first optical brightener-free glossy paper.

In the packaging world, not all substrates for eco-solvent printers are created equal. Most are low cost products designed for less demanding applications such as signage and posters. In an environment where color accuracy and repeatability are essential, a high grade coating with a wide color gamut is required. CGS has developed a wide range of ORIS Eco-Solvent special substrates, manufactured to the highest quality under extremely tight tolerances, guaranteed to bring you the best in packaging proofing.

See our full line and specs for our medias here:

Optical brighteners Grammage (g/m2) Thickness (µm) Opacity (%) Certifications White Point (M0: L*a*b*)
Super No 240 225 >90 Fogra39 & GRACoL 2006 96.0/0.4/-0.4
Super V No 235 210 >90 Fogra39 & GRACoL 2006 96.0/0.4/-0.9
Super V GRACoL Reduced 235 224 >90 Fogra39 & GRACoL 2013 95.0/1.0/-4.0
Super Glossy No 240 >90 Fogra39 96.0/0.4/-0.4
Select 210 >90 Fogra39 & GRACoL 2006 96.5/1.0/-3.1
Select V No 210 >90 Fogra39 & GRACoL 2006 95.5/0.1/-1.0
Commercial No 240 225 >90 SWOP 92.4/0.0/0.4
Publication No 240 225 >90 SWOP 90.1/0.4/2.6
Universal 170 170 180 93 Fogra27 94.4/2.6/-11.0
Universal 230 230 220 >90 Fogra39 96.8/1.2/-3.5
Newspaper No 55 80 92 88.5/-0.5/4.8
Matte 120 No 120 150 >90 95.6/2.5/-5.8
Satin 200 220 >90 Fogra39 96.9/1.2/-3.0
Select 190 200 94 Fogra27 94.5/0.0/-4.0