ORIS Professional Media


In the packaging world, not all substrates for eco-solvent printers are created equal. Most are low cost products designed for less demanding applications such as signage and posters. In an environment where color accuracy and repeatability are essential, a high grade coating with a wide color gamut is required. CGS has developed ORIS Professional Specialty Media, manufactured to the highest quality under the tightest tolerances, guaranteed to bring you the best in packaging proofing.

The ORIS Media Transferfilm is a break-through when it comes to producing packaging mock-ups or proofs on original stock. It is an open-pored synthetic mesh, which can be thermal-transferred at low temperatures on almost any original media, using a standard laminator. Being only a few microns thick, it is color-neutral and almost invisible. Printing stock, which can be mechanically printed by the printer, can be laminated first and then printed on. Alternatively, the transfer film, which features a removable backing paper, can be printed on first and then transferred. This method is particularly suitable for thin flexible films, aluminum or corrugated board.


Thickness (µm) Length Width Grammage (g/m2)
ORIS Eco Solvent Media
Silver Film 012 120 30m 25″ 80
Aluminum Foil 018 180 30m 30″ 230
Clear Film 0075 75 50m 24″ 170
Ultra Clear Adhesive Polyester 010 100 20m 24″ 170
Ultra Clear Polyester Shrink Film 0085 85 20m 30″ 200
White Vinyl 010 100 40m 30″ 200
Solvent Glossy Paper 235 235 45m 30″ and 24″ 230
Solvent Semimatte Paper 235 235 45m 30″ and 24″ 230
Transfer Film – Glossy 50 30m 24″
Transfer Film – Matte 50 30m 24″
Transfer Film III90 30 30m 24″
Glossy Cardboard 61m 86
Semimatte Cardboard 61m 86
Embossing Foil Semimatte 10m 20