CGS is a world leader in digital proofing, color management and production workflows for the professional graphics arts market. We offer the largest portfolio of software solutions to color manage every step from prepress to print production.

The CGS color management solutions ORIS Color Tuner // Web, ORIS Press Matcher // Web and sophisticated optional applications form a suite of software tools that set worldwide standards in terms of color precision and repeatability for any printing system. All in the pursuit to ensure maximum production reliability.

Our goal is to provide complete solutions for the professional graphics arts market, and ensure you achieve consistent colors on any media type – today, tomorrow and the next day.

It is often difficult for an advertising agency to decide which printing process is best suited for a particular marketing campaign, flyer or brochure. ORIS Press Matcher // Web and the optional ORIS Device Link package help you overcome this problem by allowing you to convert print jobs to different press conditions quickly and reliably and to optimize the data for high-quality output. ORIS Press Matcher // Web also creates standard device link profiles from ORIS color tables with a simple click of a button.

With this in-house solution you remain in full control over your print jobs and benefit from a consistent and reliable print production process.

Until now it has been challenging and time-consuming to achieve consistent and accurate color reproduction, especially across multiple printing presses or in trying to match to offset printing.

Thanks to ORIS Press Matcher // Web, this has become a thing of the past. ORIS Press Matcher // Web uses a patented technology that allows you to calibrate digital printing presses easily and automatically, thus achieving perfect and consistent printing results on a single printing press and across multiple devices anywhere in the world. Now you can ensure that today’s print production is the same as yesterday’s – and tomorrow’s.

For optimum print results, C-M-Y and K colors should be balanced perfectly to achieve neutral grey. However, owing to fluctuations in ambient climate conditions, the grey axis tends to vary from one day to the next. It is time-consuming or virtually impossible to improve device stability manually.

ORIS Press Matcher // Web is the first application in digital printing to automatically detect and correct variations in tonal value. This ensures a perfect grey balance and maximum press stability throughout the entire print run.

ORIS Lynx is the new cloud-based color management tool for professional color printers. With just a few clicks of your mouse, ORIS Lynx delivers color accurate results that stay that way throughout the pressrun, day after day. All you need is a web browser and a measurement device.

In today’s printing industry it is important to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of quality. This is achieved easily using ORIS Press Matcher // Web together with the ORIS Ink Saver option. The ORIS Ink Saver option significantly reduces the CMY components for all printed elements, resulting in less consumption of expensive CMY ink or toner. Using sophisticated UCR and GCR algorithms, ORIS Ink Saver also optimizes the black separation, which improves color quality in digital and conventional printing. Reduced make-ready time and waste and faster ink drying times are additional benefits.

ORIS Lynx – the new cloud-based color management tool features patented special color management algorithms. Not only are colors accurately reproduced but the relationship between the four printing inks is carefully calculated to produce an outstanding grey balance, reducing overall costs.

It is common practice in today’s printing industry to adhere to standards such as SWOP, GRACoL or Fogra in order to ensure a high level of quality. ORIS Certified Monitor fits neatly into this concept. ORIS Certified Monitor is a simple and efficient monitor certification system that uses all of the features of ORIS Certified // Web, but renders the control bar as a series of flashed patches on the monitor. ORIS Certified Monitor performs the same certification to industry standards, in-house standards or spot colors and gives you an instant readout. If the certification shows that a new monitor profile is required, it can be generated at the touch of a button.

For the Label & Packaging markets, our solutions will take you from concept to mock-up in just minutes. Take an idea and build your 3D model of it without having to wait for rendering. Slide labels directly onto the model and see exactly how the artwork will appear – before going to press. Then…take the next step and print out a high quality proof to feel your design come to life in your hands!

3D virtual prototyping is done easily with iC3D Suite – the first real-time, all-in-one package design software that lets you generate live 3D digital mockups on-the-fly, including cartons, labels, flexibles, bottles, shrink wraps and in-store visualization. Other software applications frustratingly separate design applications into cartons or flexibles or bottles or store visualization. iC3D Suite encompasses these and more, allowing all these elements to be seamlessly combined in the same scene. Working with a direct link into Adobe Illustrator, your 2D Illustrator artwork is mapped directly onto your 3D models as base artwork or as labels.

For package proofing, our software solutions work in harmony to drive the LEC and VersaCAMM VSi series of Roland DGA printers. This allows you to create contract-quality package proofs and prototypes from both continuous tone and halftone data with ORIS Eco-Solvent Media, to provide a unique solution tailored to the high demands in package printing.

The ORIS Flex Pack // Web Visualizer system is the ideal solution for packaging customers – from design agency to converter. Just like its proofing cousin, ORIS Color Tuner // Web, ORIS Flex Pack // Web Visualizer provides you with the maximum flexibility for both 3D mock-ups and pre-press proofing. With the patented ORIS 4D color management process at its core, ORIS Flex Pack // Web Visualizer gives you the very best in color accuracy – and in the shortest possible time!

An inkjet proofing system would not be complete, nor could it provide perfect contract proof quality, without a wide range of suitable proofing papers. ORIS Color Tuner // Web and the optional ORIS Professional Media package enable you to create high-quality digital contract proofs that meet the industry’s most demanding requirements.

ORIS PearlPROOF Professional Media are always the right medium. They were designed and created by you, for you! Based on detailed feedback from major publishers, printers and industry organizations, CGS created the ORIS PearlPROOF™ family of contract proofing media not only to improve the overall proofing process, but to complete it. Final L*a*b* values of the media reflect the characteristics or the most common printing stocks, from high-end luminance white media preferred by agencies, to publication media used by publishers and publication printers. Whatever your requirements, we offer the best quality product in the industry made to your specifications – only available from CGS.

Owing to their exclusive nanoporous coating, ORIS Professional Media have a much larger surface area than common microporous papers. Nanoporous coating provides better ink absorption, higher ink densities, improved shadow detail, faster drying and a more consistent proofing quality compared to the coating of other proofing papers.

ORIS Eco-Solvent Specialty Media is the perfect solution for the packaging industry. Not all substrates for eco-solvent printers are created equal. Most are low cost products designed for less demanding applications such as signage and posters. In an environment where color accuracy and repeatability are essential, a high grade coating with a wide color gamut is required. CGS has developed a wide range of special substrates, manufactured to the highest quality under extremely tight tolerances, guaranteed to bring you the best in packaging proofing.

Ease of operation and reliability are indispensable to a professional color quality control system. These features are the strong points of ORIS Certified // Web. This effective web-based system allows you to easily measure CMYK color bars for SWOP, GRACoL, 3DAP, FOGRA and other printing standards used on any proof or press sheet. In-house standards and customizable color bars can be added. ORIS Certified // Web provides clear facts and helps avoid lengthy discussions about color issues.

An additional option allows measurements for all output devices to be sent automatically to a web server. The data is stored and can be accessed via Web browser from any location in the world. The web server provides a wide variety of analysis and monitoring functions. This allows users to analyze trends and device performances and to detect quality variations over a certain period of time.

Spot colors are often used to express corporate or brand identity, a delicate issue for customers, which often makes printing spot colors a real challenge. You can master this challenge with no effort using the award-winning ORIS Color Tuner // Web software which allows you to easily color-match, print and verify any spot and brand color.

Spot colors that are not available in any Pantone or HKS library can be measured and optimized directly in ORIS Color Tuner // Web using a spectrophotometer connected to the computer. The software recognizes such spot colors automatically and color-matches them precisely using a separate iterative procedure – which is completely independent of CMYK process colors and therefore not affected by any subsequent calibration or color-matching process. Thus consistent spot color rendering reaches an unprecedented level of precision.

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