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toolboxORIS CxF Toolbox | $995.00 | ORIS CxF Toolbox converts measured CGATS data from any instrument to CxF data. Any PDFx file can be analyzed with CxF Toolbox to extract the CxF data for tone value increase aims, colorimetry, tolerances and more. PDFs can be updated, new CxF data embedded and output intent profiles defined. Ink formulation data can be stored and read to verify correct ink formulation ingredients and opacity are being used by the final printer, all to ensure your brand color is the same – from one press run to the next.



ORIS CxF Printer Edition | $549.00 | ORIS CxF Printer Edition is a limited function application of the CGS CxF Toolbox for the supply chain partners. The CxF Printer Edition allows printers to extract ink formulation and verify CxF Color Characterization data.